This morning I got an email that didn't have the best news in it.  It wasn't the worst news by any means, but it was a sudden reminder that these kids ARE NOT OURS YET and nothing is certain in Haiti.  I will not be reassured until these kids are on an airplane with us flying to the states.  Adoption is scary and hard and honestly I don't have the words to say to you about this so I'm just copying this from Aaron's blog.  I appreciate your prayers and comments.

Here is what Aaron said on his blog today.  It sums up all of our thoughts and desires right now:

if anyone ever tells you adoption is easy, you should punch them in the face. it’s not. it’s complex, difficult, emotional, and sometimes painful. getting punched in the face is easy.

i’m kinda speechless today. only this: we really need YOUR prayer… at this point, it is going to take a MIRACLE for this adoption of our Haitian children to happen. i can’t really go into the details on here, but….gosh…. things are… it’s just that the hurdles of getting them here are becoming gigantic. it’s just setting in that they are not ours yet, and at this point it will take the miraculous work of God to see this through. you’ll just have to let me leave it at that. there’s so much bureaucracy in getting all this accomplished, and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult… in a nutshell, we could be denied.

our hearts are heavy today. i don’t know how to handle it if they do not come home. i really don’t. it’s DIFFICULT to even type this all, much less re-read it. my stomach hurts just thinking about it NOT happening.

will you PLEASE join us in praying…seriously praying…asking God to do what seems impossible. for the sake of two beautiful children who already live in our hearts. we’re talking moving mountains sort of stuff… please mention this in your communities, your small groups, your family, etc. (please don’t blog about names of our kids, though…we had to remove all that a while back).

thank you, friends.