I have read some great books on adoption and have many more bookmarked to read that I thought I'd share some with you.  About two years ago I posted some adoption books that had been recommended by an adoption agency.  I still haven't read all of them, but they are all still on my list!

Someone recently asked me for books that they have read with their kids and so I just went to the bookshelves and pulled out some books that we have laying around for our kids.

These are books that I read with the boys when they were younger, and a lot with Amos and Story when they first came home, but I think would still work for anyone bringing home an older child into their home.

A BLESSING FROM ABOVE – it's kinda weird how this kangaroo ends up being the mommy to the cute little bluebird, but I like how the book shows how a mommy and her baby don't have to look alike.  That's something I've cherished in books that I've read to my kids.

A MOTHER FOR CHOCO by Keiko Kasza – Probably my favorite book to read to my kids about adoption.  I used to cry each time I got to the part where Mrs. Bear brings Choco back to her home to meet her other kids and none of them are bears.  They are all different animals and Choco fits right in the family!

MY FAMILY IS FOREVER by Nancy Carlson – Cute book about how a little girl sees all the differences between her parents and her, but knows that it's okay because her family is forever.  Cute.

Three new books that I've added to my book collection since I wrote that post 2 years ago are BECOMING A FAMILY: PROMOTING HEALTHY ATTACHMENTS WITH YOUR ADOPTED CHILD, ADOPTED FOR LIFE, and BROWN BABIES, PINK PARENTS.

If you have any other kid books to recommend I'd love to see them, especially if they are for older elementary aged kids.  That's what I would like to find these days!

Jamie Ivey