1. It has red in it.
2. I will use it daily.
3. It cost $300 to make and would have cost $1200 to pay someone to do it.
4. You can always add stuff to it.
5. It took Aaron 40 hours and 2 guys helped him over 5 days.
6. I will love it!
7. He pulled a muscle in his butt while working! (sounds shady to me!!!)
8. He got a little sunburn from working outside.

These are the clues that have been given to me by Aaron about the “secret project” that he worked on all week while I was gone. We are now packing our suitcases at Grandma and Grandpa's house and will be home today so I will FINALLY know what this project is. I can not wait. He has been telling me about this all week long but refuses to tell me what it is. The funny thing is that so many people know about this but no one has slipped up yet and let me in on the secret.

I didn't think Aaron could hold out this long. I just knew that I could sweet talk him one night in bed and he would want to tell me so bad that he would blurt it out and be so excited for me to know. NO such luck for me!

So, today we arrive back home and Aaron will drop me off at the Y so I can finally get a good workout in (that's another post, but I've been horrible with my working out while on vacation!) and he is heading out to get one more final touch for the project.

My top three guesses were:
1. A deck outside
2. Tile flooring in the bathroom
3. A built in entertainment center

Then he tell's me that we have NEVER talked about doing this to our house and I am completely stumped as to what it could be.

SO …. any guesses from you? I'll be posting tonight with lots of pictures and will tell you all about it.

Man I LOVE my man!