Last weekend I was a super proud wife!  It's so fun to see someone that you love so much get to do something really cool.  Aaron and his boys played at ACL in Austin.  If you are not familiar with ACL, it's a HUGE music festival in Austin every year and they have some big name bands there.  The AARON IVEY BAND was extremely honored to be asked to play at this festival.


Aaron did amazing and it was stinking fun to watch him and the guys play their hearts out on that stage.  What a platform God has given them, and they do not take that lightly.  These boys are making music and they love Jesus, and let me tell you this isn't some cheesy Christian rock band from the 90's.  They are good.  I know I'm 110% biased because I am Mrs. Aaron Ivey, but seriously I'm right!  If you've never heard them play, you can listen to them HERE, or better yet come visit Austin, the best city in the country, and join us some Sunday at our church where they play.


I had a fabulous time at ACL with our friends.  The weekend was supposed to look different, and then my mom up and had a heart attack.  🙂  I drove in Saturday night from Conroe and went to a few shows with Aaron.  We were out in the audience when the heavens opened up and the rain poured on us.  It was kinda fun and kinda awful all the same.  I truly felt like a hippie at a musical festival as I stood there in the rain and no one even budged.  The show must go on!


Clearly Maris was the only one prepared as a poncho magically appeared from her purse when the rains started.  Not me, soaking wet and let me tell you that when a denim shirt gets wet it is wet my friends.  Heavy and wet!



Sunday I knew I would be driving back to Conroe after Aaron's show and so I decided that I would take Cayden to ACL with me and we would just leave from there.  I tried to explain to him that this was a big deal and not many 8 year old's get to experience a big festival like this.  We started our day by taking a pedi-cab to the venue and that was super cool to him.  I also had a talk about some of the things that he might see.  Just the day before Maris had seen a woman without a shirt on and without a bra on.  (Welcome to Austin!)  I told Cayden this and he could not for the life of him wrap his mind around why someone would do this, and he was very vocal on how gross it was.  I'm secretly so happy that the thought of seeing a woman without a top on grosses him out.  This is good.  Very good.  I'm not ready for that to not gross him out if you know what I mean.



Cayden also could not for the life of him figure out why people were walking around bare foot.  It had rained the day before and the place was absolutely gross.  We both had on rain boots and yet some people were choosing to go bare foot.  In fact at one time he said he was actually “concerned” about why they didn't have shoes.  He did super great and loved the kids area where he made a super hero outfit, got his hair spray painted and was given free stuff.  They do a great job of providing stuff for kids, because kids under 10 are free.  I can't imagine being there with all my kids, but if I had to it there is a great place for them to hang and do fun kid stuff!



It was so great to see Aaron play in front of a lot of people and have him be able to talk about Jesus and the hope that we have in him.  What an honor God has given us to walk this road.  Cayden enjoyed watching Aaron, but honestly it's just not that cool to him.  I mean, it's his dad, nobody famous.  Half way through his set he was wondering how much longer and if he could play on my phone!!  Everyone asked if Cayden LOVED seeing his daddy up there, and yes he does, but also it's just not as big of a deal as you think it might be.  Anyhow, it was super cool that our friends the Otts were there and their newest son was able to see Aaron and the guys play too.




After Aaron played we rushed over to watch the Civil Wars and left after a few songs because Cayden was done with standing, being hot, being in the sun, and clearly is not willing to stand this far back and watch a band.  He's way too cool for that.  He demands front row or side stage.



It was a great day!  Aaron did awesome and I got to spend some great one-on-one time with Cayden.  I'm fairly certain that for a few hours he relished in the fact that it was just him and mom and dad.  No other brothers or sister to share time with.