Not sure why, but somewhere during my Costco trip on Monday I decided I wasn't buying pull ups for my two boys that wear them this trip.   I was going to go all undies at night for a week and see what happens.  This could be great or it could lead me to do even more laundry than I already do!

I have met some people that say they never buy them and their kids have a few accidents and then they just learn.  While others tell me that their kid is 8 and still wears pull ups and that I shouldn't sweat it.

I am fine if they can't help it, but I want this week to show them that they are peeing in their beds and not just rely on pull ups to catch their pee!  ugh.  gross if you ask me.  🙂

So, being the good blogger that I am I will chronicle this week – not like any of you give a flying flip about my kids and their pee schedules at night, but what the heck.  Maybe you'll have great tips for me to help me put $$$ back in my wallet each month by not buying pull ups each month!

Night one:

7pm potty

9pm potty and child #2 has already wet the bed – gracious this could be a long week!

10:30 potty

3:00 am potty

7:00 am wake up and child #1 has wet the bed sometime between 3am & 7am after using the bathroom four times in the past 12 hours – I repeat … this could be a long week!

ZERO success

Night #2:

7pm potty

10:30 pm – potty & child #1 has wet the bed  – should have gone in at 10!

11:30 – potty

2:30 am – potty

7am – potty

1 out of 2 =success

If you are wondering how I'm getting up in the wee hours of the night to take kids potty it's because for some reason a certain child in our house who shall remain nameless (rhymes with Lori) has been getting up crying.  Who knows why.  I figure since I'm up I might as well wake up kids to take them to the bathroom.

Amos is usually not happy about this one bit.  He actually stands at the toilet and refuses to try.  Last night we stood there in a silent battle for 4 minutes.  That is a LONG time at 3 in the morning!

Night #3 … who knows what tonight will hold.  I'll have to update you later.  I'll know you'll hardly be able to sleep wondering if Jamie's kids are peeing in their beds or not.

Oh yeah … last night child #2 earned himself a piece of candy at breakfast for not peeing in the bed.  Good reward or not?  Should I reward them for not peeing?  What if they can't help it?  A couple of months ago we told them we would give them $10 for not wetting the bed for 10 days.  One of them made it.  Got his $10 and immediately started wetting the bed again.  What the heck?  Is he trying to make me put out some more money?!?!?  Maybe he thinks I'll offer $20 next time!

UPDATED March 5 (5 nights down & 2 to go)

I HATE this experiment.  I'm washing sheets daily!  SO …. last night was crazy family night and 2 out of 3 boys woke up in the middle of the night because they had wet the bed.  Lovely!  Believe it or not, but child #1 that ALWAYS wets his pull up was dry!  YES he was dry!  I'm not sure how that happened but it did.  He got candy and we all screamed and yelled!

Aaron and I really feel that child #1 is not ready for underwear even though he was dry last night.  🙂  So … I think we'll keep trying if they didn't have lots to drink and go from there.