Last week I got a text from Deacon's first mom telling me she was gonna be in Austin and wanted to see if we could get together.  I love those texts and it warms my heart because I think it had been almost 2 years since we saw her last.  I didn't realize how much Deacon looked forward to these visits until last year she thought she was going to make it to his birthday and didn't end up able to and it broke Deacon's heart.  It wasn't her fault, something came up, I just learned to not tell Deacon until I knew it was gonna happen.  I really had no idea it would bum him out like it did, but it made me happy knowing that he truly cares about her that way.

It was great to see her and she got to meet Amos for the first time too (Story was napping).  When we first started our adoption I was convinced that I would never be comfortable around our birth mothers.  I knew I would be freaked out, scared of them stealing my kid, worrying about them hating us and all those other misconceptions that are out there about birth parents.  God changed and moved our hearts greatly during our domestic adoption process and we longed to have an open adoption.

As soon as she walked in our backyard Cayden asked her, “Are you Deacon's mom too?”.  We always call her his first mom since truly that's what she was!  Then later Cayden asked how she had Deacon if she wasn't married.  We had a lesson right there about how people can still have babies if they aren't married.  His little mind was taking it all in!

I wish I could post a picture of Deacon and his first mom because you too would see the resemblance in him to her.  She's beautiful and when I told her about Deacon's gymnastics she reminded me of how she did gymnastics and actually continued to tumble and cheer throughout most of her pregnancy.

So happy for our visit with her today and love that she's still in Deacon's life.

I read this today by a birth mom.