How my friends talked me into going to a yoga class I'm not so sure, but tonight it happened. I showed up in my running gear and the sweet teacher greeted me in such a calming voice that I was certain I would like this. It wasn't 2 hours earlier that I was pushing a full grocery cart around with four kids wondering where the free samples of vodka were at HEB, so this calming woman was good for my soul.

I walked into the room and soft music was playing and the lights were dim. I was in heaven. It was so calm in there and everyone seemed relaxed. I grabbed my mat and sat down waiting for the class to start. As I looked around everyone looked like they were sitting in some “calming” position that I wasn't aware of. I tried to duplicate it, but that “criss-cross-apple-sauce” position they were all in wasn't doing it for me. I was just feeling as though I could lay down and go to sleep at any moment!

Then the class began. I was trying so hard to completely relax and let my body find it's joy (at least that's what the lady told me to do) and contentment. She was saying that we all needed to find our joy in our bodies. I smiled and thought that at least I know my joy and contentment doesn't come from my body, but yet from my Savior! When we were breathing I actually had time to think and began to pray. It was the first calm moment I had all day long. I was enjoying that for sure.

I was enjoying the class, but was so confused every time she started talking in a different language. I think she was saying the pose or something, but I always had to do a double take each time she went off that way.

I did nearly lose my cool when at one point she ended up doing a pose where she was on her head with her legs spread eagle above her. She stated that was the advanced pose and one day we would get there. I think it's safe to say that I will never get there. 🙂

Half way through I bailed. I left my friend Emily and headed to the treadmill. All I could do while I was in there was think about the miles that I should be running, so I left to run. I think if I had already gotten my miles in and then headed to a yoga class I would like it.

Maybe I'll try it again one day. For now I'm back to practicing balancing on my head. I think I can do it.