You know you have that one friend that you talk on the phone to every single day. If a day goes by and you don't talk you think something happened. Then they call at 9 at night to tell you they just had the longest day ever. I love those friendships.

My friend Amy and I chat most every day and usually a few times a day. We've been friends since 9th grade and been through many ups and downs.

Amy has three kids and one of her kids is special needs. Amy never lets me down with crazy stories during the day about her kids. She laughs with them , at them and fights on their behalf all the time. If you are mom of a child with special needs you will feel her pain. If you aren't, then let this story touch your heart and let it always remind you of how your words will effect people that you don't even know. Here is a story about a day she'll never forget in her own words ……


Hello everyone! This is Amy Gayhart……best friend of Mrs. Jamie Ivey. Jamie has asked me to lend a little story to this awesome blog of hers. Please keep in mind I am not a writer…….I can draw you a picture…….but I don’t write very well. So…..please bare with me.

The other day I was getting in a little “me” time while I had a babysitter. I stopped into my local nail salon for a much needed pedicure. OK ladies……you know the rules in the nail salon……some people are trying to relax…….so you don’t talk loud on your cell phones or anything really disruptive……am I right? So I was there minding my own business when these three ladies walked in. It was obvious they were out for a girl’s day. They were having a lot of fun. I will have to say that they were VERY loud…….but I’m letting that go. I am all for people having fun. So…..I’m sitting across from them trying not to be nosey…..but ladies we have to be aware of our surroundings……it’s a safety issue! Ha! But let’s admit it they were being so loud it was not hard for me to listen in on their conversation. All of a sudden these ladies started in on some very offensive conversation. There were lots of comments made about lots of different stuff. When my blood started boiling is when these ladies started making “short bus” jokes.

Some of you may or may not know that my 7 year old daughter, Mabry, is special needs. These women were talking about “slipping in their drool” on the “short bus” and they didn’t have their “helmets on.” Then they started making sounds that some people may consider talking “retarded”!!! You all know the voice they were using. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was shocked. Then I started getting mad. When I get mad……I cry. So, I am sitting there getting a pedicure and tears just start rolling down my face. I couldn’t hold them in. The sweet lady doing my pedicure asked if I was ok…….I just quietly said that some of our kids HAVE to ride the “short bus.” She gave me the sweetest look that quietly just said “I’m sorry.” So I am sitting there trying to figure out how I was going to handle this situation. I know it is so cliché, but I seriously was trying to figure out how Jesus would handle the situation. Don’t get me wrong……I am VERY good at confrontation. There is nothing more I wanted to do then to call these ladies out in front of everyone. But, I decided that is not how Jesus would handle it. So……I was walking to the check out counter and I looked down and there was a stack of loose leaf notebook paper. So I picked up a sheet and proceeded to write these ladies a note. After all……it is not about me and the fact that I would have gotten a lot of satisfaction out of ripping these ladies a new one (by the way I use the word “ladies” loosely.) Here is the short but heart felt note I wrote.

There is a difference between having fun and being offensive. Your conversation was offensive on so many levels. Some of us have children who HAVE to ride the “short bus.” You really need to think about who you are sitting around before you open your mouth in public. You don’t know everyone’s situation. Today I am choosing not to be offended because I don’t want you to ruin my day. I think it is sad that you would even think that making fun of these children is even remotely funny. I wonder if you would have said the same things if my daughter was sitting right next to me. Try to have a nice day!

So……I handed the note to the manager and asked him to deliver this to the “lead” lady. Then……I quietly walked out. I don’t know what went down when I walked out of the salon. I hope that for just a moment these ladies thought about their actions. Have you guys ever been in a situation like this? How would you have handled it? I don’t understand why some people think that jokes about special needs people are acceptable. When did this become ok? I surely didn’t get the memo and I just don’t think it is right.