I love my friend Rachel. She does lots of posts that are in bullets and so this post is dedicated to her!!! Love you girl!

* I flew into Dallas on Friday night for my friend Amy's 30th birthday party. It was a surprise and I think she was very surprised to see me. Listen to me when I say this: DO NOT FLY DURING THE HOLIDAY'S AND EXPECT TO GET ANYWHERE ON TIME!!! My flight to Dallas was supposed to leave at 12:40 and we finally took off at 4:15. Then on they way home on Saturday it was also delayed an hour.

* My brother-in-law Tim married his beautiful sweetie, Joanna this past weekend. I'm so happy for them and their daughter Madisyn. They all three looked fabulous. The wedding was fun and my boys were so cute in their ties! (Check out Aaron's blog for pictures)

* I am waiting on one more translation and then our stuff is ready to be sent to Chicago to be authenticated by the Haiti consulate, and then they send it back and then I send it to Haiti!!! We're so close!!!

* I will be flying in to Haiti in 20 days. I can't wait to get my arms around my two babies there. Amos & Story here I come!!!

* I was sick yesterday. Gross. I hate being sick. I had to cancel a Christmas party for tonight. It was going to be so much fun, but I don't want to get anyone else sick around the holiday's. Five people that were at the wedding were sick. I wonder if we got it there? Weird.

* My in-laws are in town this week and they've been a great help with the kids! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

* Yesterday Big Boy was Joseph in the Christmas play. He was so cute and so serious the whole time. I think he was just in character. I mean really I'm sure Joseph had a lot on his mind during the birth of Jesus!!

Have a great Wednesday!