I finished ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan this weekend. It was good but not my favorite love story ending! The parts where he was in the war were hard for me to read. Not because of violence, but because it wasn't interesting to me and it was kinda hard for me to follow.

I hope to see the movie within the next two weeks and I'll let you know which one is better.

Now I'm off to a new book. Any ideas again? My goal is to read fiction then non fiction and so on. That way I'm not always reading stories and not always getting bored with non fiction. 🙂

On my night stand are these three books:

  • HOW TO RUIN YOUR DATING LIFE by Matthew Paul Turner & Kerri Pomarolli – not that I'm looking into dating or anything, but I was sent this book b/c I told them I would read it and review it on my blog … I feel like I should!
  • MAJOR CHOCTAW by Marie Parker – a book that is actually written about MY grandpa!!! How cool is that. Not sure if you can even get this in a store, but I have one from my grandma and am super excited to read it. I'm a proud granddaughter! I am named partly after this man, Jamie for his middle name of James, and my oldest son Cayden's middle name is James after this man! Loved this guy! He passed away 5 years ago today. He is now with Jesus and I'm so happy for him! He now has a new body and that makes me smile so big! He now can talk and walk and that makes me so happy for him! I can't wait to see this man again one day!
  • BREAKING FREE by Beth Moore – I did this bible study in 2000 and it was life changing in my life. I mean life changing! My sweet friend Nancy sent me this and I can't wait to read this book and allow God to work in my heart through this book all over again!

Here's what's on my ongoing list from friends ….

I may just head to the library and see what they have …. or I could finish what's on my bedside table first!!! Send me your suggestions and I'll add them to my ongoing list! Any of these you loved, hated, let me know!
Happy Tuesday!