Guys what the heck was I thinking when I thought I could possibly write on this blog for an entire month straight? Seriously I know some of you knew I wouldn't make it, but I sincerely thought I'd make it further than the first week. Nope. Fail.

Oh well friends. I'm going to keep writing about all things podcasting, but obviously it will be a bit spread out. (Geez, what was I thinking)

Since it's Sunday and I need to get up out of bed and get the day moving I'm going to do a few bullet points for things I've been wanting to tell you all. This will be a page full of randomness that I need to get out of my brain and into your brains. Hold on, here we go ….

**I've been up since about 6am this morning working on a talk I'm giving next week at a conference. I have the honor of talking to kids ministry leaders about how to help families after they adopt and also how to minister to kids from hard places. I feel completely honored and at the same time ill equipped. Now let's be honest, I live this daily and have walked through this, but there are much smarter people out there (hello, Dr. Karen Purvis I'm talking to you and all your people!) that study this daily. But I also know that God has given me a voice and this is something I'm passionate about and honored to speak about. Feel free to comment any of your two cents!

**This week I'm flying to Greenville, SC for the ALLUME conference and I'm so excited. I've heard great things about this conference and so I'm pumped to meet people there, plus connect with some online friends, and some of my friends that were on the trip with me to Uganda this Spring. I'm leading a breakout on podcasting, and that just makes me happy!

**Speaking of podcasting … I'm so exited about a special show I'm planning for November. Each year I have blogged about places you should buy gifts instead of your local department store. This year we're doing a podcast talking about a few of those places. Jen Hatmaker is going to co-host with me and we're going to talk all things Christmas, and share some great places to buy gifts for your loved ones. (On a side note, I'm taking applications for this until October 23rd – leave comment if you want more info)

**Over the next 22 days I'm heading to four different events, flying to two different cities, and speaking seven different times. I love this so much and I also get stressed out too! It's so fun, I love speaking, I love teaching, I love meeting new people … but I always get a bit stressed about logistics at home and such. If you will be at Allume,  Lifeway Kids conference, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Prosper, or FBC Taylor MOPS this month please come say hi! (Side note, if you would like to book me for an event, I'm booking for 2016 right now. Go HERE for more info)

I'll leave you with a few pictures to brighten your Sunday …


I recently hosted the FOR THE LOVE BOOK CLUB with Jen and it was so much fun! First of all I just love her, and second her book is wonderful and I recommend it to you all! Of course we chatted about our big earrings that our friend Tiffany makes and these ladies created their own big earrings at their book club. How funny is this?!!?

I love doing this hosting/interview style format and so it was fun to do with a friend! If you didn't get a chance to watch, you can still watch all the videos HERE and if you haven't bought the book get it HERE and dive in as soon as the mailman drops it off!


Cayden recently got braces and I think he couldn't be any cuter!!  Braces seems to mean that your kid is growing up, and that is so true about this kid. He recently attended his first Students Retreat (our youth group at church) and I only texted the leaders 3 times to see how he was doing. For real. I'm not kidding. I'm a dork mom, but I was so worried he wasn't having fun, wasn't making friends, and hated his life. The truth couldn't have been further from my thoughts. This kid is growing up before my eyes.  It's weird and awesome all at the same time!


First time fishing and these kids rocked it. Huge fish for both of them!


My sweet Amos and I before a date night for Aaron and I.


Remember my podcast with Kirsten Dickerson where we talked about the yurt she has on her property that you can rent for a weekend of relaxation??!?!  Well look what I found recently on the cover of Austin Monthly. Yes it's her yurt!!!  October is basically the best month ever, so you should come stay here in Austin for a visit and just maybe spend your time in a yurt. How fun is that?!?

Okay friends that's it. Now I'm off to cook some oatmeal for the kids and only 3/4 will love it and one will begrudgingly eat it, but that's life. Right? Happy Sunday! I hope that your day is wonderful, that you spend time with people you love, and that you have time today to worship the Savior of the world.

Speaking of worshipping … if you haven't started following my friend Diann's IG account called 100 days with Jesus you need to do that right now. She's taking us on a 100 day journey with names of Jesus and it will go right up to Christmas when we celebrate his birth.


That's it friends. Happy Sunday!

Jamie Ivey