Happy Monday and Labor day! We have spent the day lounging around the house doing just about nothing. Currently the kids are watching High School Musical 2 because you know we haven't seen that enough in our lives! Tomorrow Aaron comes home and we are just a tad bit excited around here.

I'm happy to report that I only succumbed to fast food for dinner one time in the past 11 days. Last week Sonic had 50cent corn dogs and y'all that was just too good not to pass up!


Needless to say those kids were super excited about that dinner. While I'm talking about dinner I need to share this recipe with you. I made these vegetarian sloppy joe's this past week and I must say they were quite delicious. Here's the deal though — if you are looking for sloppy joe's that taste just like they are full of ground beef then you might not like these, but if you are a vegetarian you will love these. My kids will eat just about anything you put in front of them, and so they loved these, and so did I! If you remember we were vegetarians for a few years so we're used to all the meat substitute stuff!


These ladies have all been without their men for as long as I have, and they are champs! Two of them have toddlers (and one with a baby and a toddler) and one of them is prego and not feeling the best. God has been faithful to each of us throughout these two weeks, and it has been a joy to share this time together.


This past Saturday I took the kids out to visit COMMUNITY FIRST, which is a part of MOBILE LOAVES AND FISHES. I was blown away by this organization and all that they are doing to change the lives of many people that are homeless. The kids were champs and enjoyed the whole experience as well and by the end were begging to come back and volunteer. Y'all they were begging to volunteer. God I hope that this works out for our family to volunteer together!


If any of you readers go to the downtown campus at the Stone I'd love to invite you to our monthly gathering next week! We'll be meeting in the library and we would love to see your face there with us! It's a great time to get connected to other women at our campus and sign up for the classes that will happen for the next month!


Saturday I spent the evening at the UT game with friends. It was so fun for so many reasons. #1 I love college football. #2 It was good to get out without the kids. #3 I love college football. This was Coach Strong's first game and so everyone was super excited to see how they would look.


And just because this will make your day, I recently found this picture on my phone. My kids have been playing around with this app that makes you look old …..


Let that picture of “old” Amos brighten your day … or scare the crap out of you! Hope your labor day was full of rest, and if you attend the downtown campus in the AM I hope to see you next week!

Jamie Ivey