If you live in Austin or a surrounding area and you are looking for an adoption conference I have one for you.  This is a great conference for those of you that have thought “I might adopt one day” or even “we want to adopt, now what”.  I was at this conference last year and feel as though both of those questions could be answered for you during this event.

One of my favorite things as an adoptive parent about conferences like this is that I get to meet other people that are in our same boat.  Sometimes talking adoption “issues” with people that haven't walked through them is like talking deep sea fishing with me.  I DON'T GET IT and neither do non-adoption people.  There is something so sweet about looking someone in the eyes and feeling their pain, joy, sorrow, frustration, worry, anxiety, happiness etc. about their adoption process or post adoption life.

A Future and A Hope Adoption and Foster Care Conference
February 19, 2011
Grace Covenant Church
Lunch Provided
$10/person, $15/couple
Childcare is provided but space is limited
For more information and registration:

Jamie Ivey