Deacon has been working on his first book at school and he has been so excited about it. At the last teacher conference his teacher showed me his progress and of course it was all about football, because Deacon loves football and is begging us to let him play tackle. That's another subject for another day, but this book stole my heart.

When he brought the book home he was so happy to show me and when I opened up the first page I started crying because y'all he dedicated his first book to ME!

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It says, “This book is dedicated to My Mom because she loves football and she takes me to football games. And I love to watch football with her” — oh I could die! My heart was so full when I read this.

It's true that during football season you can find Deacon and I together on the couch watching football. He's just about the only one in my house that enjoys watching football with me, and I love that this is “our thing” together.

There you have it. The first book dedicated to me & I LOVE it!