Here's a cool story for you!

Yesterday I received this email from Licia:

Can you ask Aaron if this is his bag….if it is I have a little story for you about it.

Here are the pictures she attached to that email:


I then responded back and told her that yes that was a bag that Aaron had had once and it was one we sent down on the truck load this past Fall.

I was looking forward to hearing a cool story from her about it and this is what I heard next:

Maire Loudes (Carmelo and Story's mama) came by to see me early this week. I pay the rent for their house and it was due. So anyway she brought me two bags of vegetables and bananas as a thank you gift. When I went down to see her she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said her mother was sick. She had been up in the mountains to see her and she had diar, fever and vomiting. So she needed some meds. I got those for her and then she asked if I had a extra bag laying around so she could pack some clothes in it to take back up the mountain to visit her mom. So I went upstairs in my room to get a backpack. I had several bags come in on the semi-container. So I store them way up high in my closet. I was pulling on some stuff to get them down and I saw the handle of the bag sticking out. I pulled on it and the front flap fell opened and the paper fell out. I picked it up and all the hair on my arm stood on end. I just thought it was neat that this bag was going to be able to help Story's mom travel to visit her grandma that is sick in the mountain and it came from her dad in the states. I love those little blessings that God sends my way to let me know HE is still there and with me through everything. So I took a picture of the mom with the bag. COOL!

I love that!!!!