When I was in Haiti last year I was constantly thinking of how if I ever adopted a little girl from Haiti I would want to name her Esther. I love the story of Esther in the bible and I love how she saved her people. As I looked around the country last year I thought of how this country could use someone to come and save the people. I constantly thought of an “esther” figure rising up and doing some great things for the people of Haiti. I pictured a woman helping her people, providing clean water, providing food, providing jobs, providing good structure, and providing hope to a country that is in such need of it.

We are now back to the name game with this little girl. There is a little girl that we are praying for and not sure what will happen with her. IF she is brought to the rescue center then we will pursue her and if not, then we know that God has a different girl for us in mind. We have never had any girl names that we have liked. We have always had boy names, and good thing since we are up to 3 boys in the house.

I know one thing and that is that her middle name will be Leigh. That is my middle name and I would love to pass that on to her. All three of our boys have special middle names. James, Aaron & D. are their middle names. This one will be special too since this name is one that is passed down from my dad and from his dad as well.

So, as I lay in bed at night and think of “baby girl”, as we've been refering to her as, and wonder what will be of her, I am always brought back to “Esther”. The name will not leave my mind and will not leave my heart. Esther was an amazing woman in the Bible who took a stand for something that could have cost her her life. She was no coward and in the end saved her people from a huge tragedy. What a legacy she leaves.

I'm not saying we're going to name our daughter Esther, but I'm so in love with this name and the person that I think of when I think of when I hear this name. A hero. A champion. A fighter.

Esther Leigh – I kind of like it.