When we moved into our home 3 years ago we met a wonderful guy named Elijah who helped us so much with everything in our new home.  He was a God sent for us.  After he helped us out so much he began his own company, Second Chance Custom, and he is making some incredible things these days!

Today I have a cutting board up for grabs for you guys!  Oh my word does this look good in my house.  We do a lot of cooking, and honestly you can't have enough cutting boards, and especially ones that look good enough to leave on your counter.  I never want to put this one away, I want it on my counter all the time.

Here's a coffee table that Elijah's done that I coveted for a while and wanted so badly:


Oh and check out this vanity.  You know that you are drooling over this and already know where you would put this in your house. I love this so much!


The best thing about all of Elijah's work is that #1 they are all custom made and #2 he uses reclaimed products for everything.  I love that so much!  Your product that you get from him has character and was recycled!  Saving the Earth one cutting board at a time!

Look at this desk that he was recently selling. OH my goodness!


He is giving away a cutting board to one lucky winner, but if you don't win, he's offering 10% off cutting boards and ipad stands for the next few weeks.  Wouldn't this make an awesome Christmas present for that newly married couple, or your parents, or your brother in law that you have no idea what to buy for!


Here are some more pics of the cutting board he's giving away:




It's so easy to enter …. Show Elijah some love by liking his fb page, and sharing this with your friends.  He appreciates it, and can't wait to give one of you guys a cutting board for free!  So do all you can to enter and maybe even start Christmas shopping by getting one of these awesome cutting boards for that hard-to-buy-relative this Christmas!  Holla!  I love that!


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