Recently I was able to get a free magazine subscription and if you know me, you know I love a good magazine.  My Mimi saves all her People magazines and has my mom bring them to me a few times a year.  I'm usually always behind on current Hollywood news, but it's still worth the free magazine to look at.

My problem with my love of magazines is that who actually has time to read a magazine these days?  I mean, if I have 10 minutes to spare in the day I usually want to shut my eyes for a cat nap, read a good book, or watch mind-numbing tv.  This leads to my hoarding problem with magazines.  I also have a severe need to keep all magazines that enter my house.  Here's my reasoning:  what if someone wants one?  I feel it is my duty to recycle magazines by sharing them.  I have tried to offer stacks to friends and usually they decline.  Clearly they don't have the hoarding tendency's that I do, nor do they see the value in “recycling” magazines between friends.  Who cares if they are from 2005?  We should still share people.  Recently I threw a stack away and although it was hard to do, and I swear my pulse was racing at the thought, I did it!  I told Aaron about a week later, and he might have stood up and given me the slow clap.  He was a proud man.

Anyhow, back to the free subscription that I recently was offered.  I of course chose a workout magazine, because if there's anything to get you motivated to hit the gym it's flawless women on the front cover telling you how to lose 10 lbs when they clearly need to gain about 10lbs.  Ha.  The irony of these magazines always perplexes me.  I want them to have someone on the cover that looks like me, and share about how I'm just trying to get thru the day without eating an entire block of cheese in one sitting, and how they can conquer that as well.  That's real stuff right there people.

Anyhow, as soon as these magazines started rolling in I felt the need to hide them.  I've told you before about how we try and keep scandalous magazines out of our house to protect Aaron's eyes, and so obviously the last thing I want him seeing is skinny-minny on the cover telling us how to get abs just like hers.  The truth is that last year about this time the same scenario went down with our family and another magazine.  Of course it was a Fitness magazine, because I've told you I'm a sucker for workout magazines to help inspire me to get off the couch and into the gym.  Clearly they aren't working.

Least year when I was feeling icky about having these magazines around the house my boys never said anything to me, and this summer it was a different story.  If you have 9 year old boys, you know that they some reason love to get the mail.  I have no idea why they do this, it's not like they are going to start getting mail every day, but for some reason they always hold out hope for an envelope with their name on it.  (Side note:  send my kids mail, and they will love you forever!)  Cayden was getting the mail one day and my magazine arrived and I wasn't there to intercept it before he could take it all in.  I didn't even know this had happened, but later Aaron told me that Cayden had asked him why we were getting magazines with girls showing off their boobies to our house.

womens health

Ugh it was like a dagger to the heart.  I try so hard to guard my husband's eyes and my boys eyes and once again it was right in our home that this was happening.  Believe me, they will struggle with this enough in their lifetime, so can I not bring it into our home during their childhoods?  For the love, my 9 year old is wondering why we have magazines with boobies on them.  I think it's clear that I need to learn my lesson since this is the second time this has happened in our home.

One good thing about me unsubscribing from this magazine is that I don't have to feel guilty about my lack of workout every time the magazine comes.  Geez Louis now I will never know how to get those abs like Maria Menounos.  And for the record I'm not stupid.  She didn't get those in 5 moves a day.  Darn.  I'll never have them.