I think it's fun to see what searches people are finding your blog from. Most of mine are something like this:
slow carb diet
Love Shines Aaron Ivey
Dreaming Big Dreams
Letter to 9 year old son
I want to adopt buy my husband doesn't

Obviously those are all from posts that I've written.

Then today this one stood out to me. See it right there in place #5.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 5.57.27 PM


It says “how to get my wife laid on a girls night out”.  That made me laugh out loud today even in the midst of my feeling like crap.  I can assure you I have never blogged about that.  How in the world is that getting someone to my blog.

Although I think it's hilarious and so does Aaron!  Maybe I should blog on this.  Oh wait, this is a family place, never mind!