This weekend will mark 8 weeks that Amos has been home.  On one hand it seems like the longest 8 weeks of my entire life, but on the other hand it seems as though he just got here.  One thing I do know is that each day we see improvements.  It was about this time with Story that we looked at each other one day and realized that it was going to be okay.  That she was going to make it, she would adjust and we would get in a groove.  I would say that sometimes we have a groove going on around here and other days it is mass chaos!

This past week has been fabulous with Amos.  Aaron has been home a lot more and that makes a huge difference for him.  He doesn't pull some of the stuff that he pulls on me with Aaron.  Aaron can have a talk with him and he is a different kid.  With me, he just pushes and pushes and pushes.  Not sure what I'm not doing right, but whatever.  He is super duper all over me, so maybe he's all over me and pushing me away to see what would happen all at the same time.  Who knows!

The other day I took all the kids through a car wash and it was Story's first time.  Amos had been through once before with Aaron, so he knew what to expect.  It was the sweetest moment b/c he reached over and held Story's hand and kept reassuring her that it was going to be okay.  I see so many moments of him nurturing her and protecting her.  They have a strong bond since they lived together since she was about a week old.  I love that so much for them.

There are times when all three boys play together, but I still see a lot of 2 and 2 playing.  Amos and Story together and Deacon and Cayden together.  Or sometimes it's Cayden and Deacon playing together, Story playing alone and Amos all over me!

I went to my mom's group for the first time this week and Amos did okay.  I could see him wanting to be around me a lot and not the kids, but for the most part he did great.  Today we met some moms and kids at the park and stayed an hour before I could see Amos about to lose it.  I jetted out of there quickly to try and keep him from going to that place.  We did pretty good and only had a few “I don't like Mommy's car” comments on the way home!

I have to laugh at myself for the past two days of screwing stuff up.  Yesterday I sent Aaron to practice with all the kids at 5:45 and he was already running super late.  He got there about 30 min late to find out that the practice was at 4:45.  I had told him the wrong time.

Then today I took C & D to the dentist only to find out that when our insurance changed they are not in our network anymore.  Oh yeah I drove 35 min there at 8AM.  The sad thing is that the lady from the office had called me earlier this week to verify the insurance and I told her I would call her back and never did.  UGH.

I had to laugh at myself.  I'm hoping today that I get Cayden to his doctor and soccer practice at the right times!!!

Tomorrow we're taking the boys to Sea World for the weekend.  They don't know yet.  Story doesn't know she's not going either.  🙂  Fun times!

Well, laundry is calling my name during nap time.  Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments on my last post.  I know that there may be some of you out there that don't agree with me (I just happen to read a blog of someone talking bad about me b/c of the post I wrote.  gotta love that!) and that's okay.  I promise.  But just know that I'm okay.  I'm not driving my minivan around high on meds.  I'm taking a low dose of a medicine and I don't plan to be on it the rest of my life.  I didn't adopt and realize I'm in over my head.  I love my kids.  ALL of them.  I'm okay.  I'm not going to be scared to talk about post partum adoption stuff.  i will always be honest and real on this blog.  I just had to get that off my chest.

Happy Thursday!