Feb 1 @ 11:58 am and I’m sitting down to my computer b/c I just put Story down for a nap.  This morning has been so good and I have never really realized how much I sit on my computer during the day and waste time.  Seriously!  This morning I did a quick check of email before waking kids and posted to my HELLO MORNING group on facebook and that was it.  Then Story and I were gone and when I came back I did … wait for it … hold your breath …. chores.  Oh my gosh did the stars align just right or what?  I dusted.  I did laundry.  I organized a book shelf.  I got stuff to take to good will.  Y’all it was joyous!  Aaron will surely be so happy when he gets home from out of town and sees that I took down the nativity set that I’ve had up not since December, but yet from Thanksgiving of 2010.  Oh yeah it’s gone.


Y’all I need to tell you that this month so far has been harder than January when I was trying to be disciplined in getting up before my kids each day.  This is just hard, because I do a lot on the computer.  I blog.  I email a lot.  I am now in charge of an auction.  All of those things require my computer.  I have found myself wanting to sneak in a peek here and there, and honestly some days I convince myself that this discipline for this month is worth it and other times I find myself sitting down to check my email real quick while Story is watching Dora.  I mean, what’s wrong with that?  The truth is that there is nothing wrong with that.  I’m not trying to do everything right to be a good mom, and if I screw up I’ll feel like I’m a bad mom, but yet what I am trying to do is to challenge myself to be less selfish in my time!  I’m challenging myself to be disciplined in areas that I haven’t normally been disciplined in.


So, 8 days in and I’m telling you this challenge is harder than getting my lazy butt out of bed in the morning.  🙂  I’m finding myself racing to the computer when Story’s napping, or when I get up in the morning, instead of going straight to my bible I first check in on my computer!  🙂


Anyone doing this with me?  How’s it going?  Easier than you thought or harder?



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