Recently Aaron and I had a party to go to and I got the urge to get dressed up.  I was told I should dress nice, and so I called my great friend Tiffany up and told her I needed her to do my eyes.  You see, my make up consists of eyeliner, some color on the cheeks and if I'm feeling extra special I'll throw some mascara and lip gloss on!  I'm very minimalistic with my look.  You could call it minimalistic (like I chose to!) or you could say I don't have a clue about style.


So, I showed up at Tiffany's house and asked her to do my eyes and next thing I know I'm getting 100% made over.  Tiffany is that friend that dresses funky, has fabulous make up and can rock a bun on the top of her head like no other.  We are exact opposites with style!!!


I let her do her thing and was amazed at how she transformed me.  It was fun and also nerve wracking.  It's nothing for Tiffany to show up at a party with a top bun and fabulous eye make up.  ME … I look so different when I show up like this.  I think I remember someone that night calling me a Kardashian!  Not sure if that was a compliment or he was making fun!!  Anyhow, it was so fun!  It was so different and not me, but so fun to dress up for a night.  I think Aaron loved it and that was great for me!  I love love love to dress up for Aaron!

Here's Tiffany starting my bun!

The back of the TOP BUN!

Here's the official BEFORE and AFTER pic!

Look at those eyes!!!

Me and my man out on the town!

Jamie Ivey