We read this the other night at the dinner table out of our Jesus Calling: 365 devotionals for kids book.  I pray this will minister to your heart today as it did mine when we read it.


I am God who heals.  I heal hurt bodies, troubled minds, aching hearts, messed-up lives, and difficult relationships.


When you come into My Presence, the healing begins.  Whether you ask for it or not, My Spirit goes to work  in your life.  But when you come to Me in prayer and ask for My healing, amazing things can happen.  Remember that I am a God who can do awesome things!  Nothing is too difficult for me.


I don't heal all the hurts and troubles in a person's life.  Why?  Because it is those very problems that keep you close to Me.  They are the things that help you grow – teaching you to depend on Me more and more.  Even My servant Paul was told, “My grace is enough for you,” when he asked to be healed.


While I may not take away every hurt, I will always give you what you need to live joyfully – in spite of the hurts.  Just ask.

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