Today marks seven weeks that Fedna has been here. Wow! On one hand the time has flown by and on the other hand it has been a very long 7 weeks. 🙂 I think the hardest part for sure has been the past 13 days. Her having to lay on her belly and not crawl or sit up has been hard on her and hard on this mommy! Since being here she has been pretty consistent with being happy, but this last week of being home has been hard on her. It seems as though she is either very happy, or very upset. Not much middle ground. I think it has lots to do with her being stuck in one spot. When the boys move on to play somewhere else she is left there. When the boys go out to play she is left inside. When she wants to get away from something she can't move. I would be emotional too!

Her vocabulary is getting bigger by the day. I had a list of all the words she was saying, but I can't keep up with it now. 🙂 Her favorite phrase by far is “mommy, eat?” followed by a close second of, “barney, mommy”. It is so cute. She loves her some big purple dinosaur.

This experience has for sure changed me and shaped me differently than before. I went into this very naive as to how it would effect my family. I thought it would only effect me and change my life. I think I learned that when mommy is challenged, the whole family is! After Fedna goes home I'll be able to look back over our time together and get it all out on paper as to what this process was for me.

Pray for our doctor appointment tomorrow. We go to see the doc that did the last surgery at 12:45 tomorrow. Please pray for not only a good report, but a GREAT report. I need him to tell me she is great and can get back to normal. I need her to be able to get back in her car seat so I can get back to life! I need her to eat at the table with us and be able to chase the boys around the house on her hands and knees. Her and I both want her to be able to move again!!!

The plan is to take her back to Haiti with me when I go in about 2 weeks. The doctor knows of this plan, so tomorrow he'll confirm this and we'll start making reservations. 🙂

Here's a picture from snack time today:


Jamie Ivey