Today is day 7 of Aaron being gone and me running the show around here. I am not complaining, but I am admitting that this gig is hard. Not only is Aaron gone, but he's across the world in a different time zone and so it's not convenient to talk to him, and honestly when we do talk the kids are always around and it's mostly just about them getting to talk with their dad. Not complaining, just stating the fact that I miss my husband and when he gets home I want to lock him up and not let him leave me for a whole day, and it just be him and me and no kids around.  I'll hold my breathe and wait for that to happen.


{After lots of trying we finally got to see Aaron via Skype and the kids loved it!}

I started the summer with a page long list of goals for June and July.  Can I confess that not one has been crossed off.  I haven't organized one closet, or gone to Good Will once, or re-organized my pantry or laundry room.  I haven't written one letter to a friend (isn't that a fun goal), gotten Amos' medical test done for his adoption (yes, for the love we are still dealing with this!) or called either one of my grandma's.  I haven't cleaned out my fridge, gotten Story's social security card (yes I'm the worst adoptive mom ever and I haven't done this either) or washed any windows.  For some reason I thought summer equalled me getting stuff done.  I was greatly mistaken.

BUT, I have spent great time with my kids.  For real, I was thinking today that my kids and I have eaten every single meal this past week together around our table except for two (and we were together for those, just not home).  I love that.  I truly love family time around the table.  Also for all you moms that are cringing at the thought, let me just say it gets better.  They get their own second helpings, they wash their plates and put them in the dishwasher, they clean up the table.  I have bigger kids now.  This gig gets easier, I promise.  I have also tucked them in every single night, and I love that as well.  We have done fun stuff together and so far our summer is fabulous and super laid back, and lots of baseball.

practicing baseball

{Story's suposed to be the catcher here.  Clearly she's excited about this.}

Speaking of baseball, 4/5 nights this week will be at the field.  I'm not complaining one bit, because I love baseball, and could watch games that my kids were playing every single night of the week.  Well, not really Story's games.  Those are like watching those dumb pig races at the rodeo.  No one knows where they are going, someone runs the wrong way, and all they want is the dang treat at the end of the game.  I could not watch that every night of the week.

story hit

But my boys games are getting fun.  Cayden's doing kid pitch now, and oh that's a joy!  It's fun to see him start to understand the game mentally and he actually wants to practice throwing instead of playing his DSI.  I could see Cayden as a pitcher.  Pitchers are kinda weird and have lots of quirks about them.  That's my Cayden.


So, although this summer is clearly not the summer of crossing things off my to-do-list, it is the summer of spending great time with my kids and I most definitely think that is better than any list or accomplishment.  This also explains the two blogs last week and then nothing from me.  Nothing.  I sit down to write at night and I think to myself, “I have nothing interesting to say.  All I did today was make 3 meals, watch baseball, and go to the park.”  So, it's also not the summer of blogging!  Although I still want to tell you about Haiti.  My emotions from the trip, and all the cool stuff we saw when we were there.  I also want to tell you about my canoe trip and how it was so far in my life the scariest night I have ever lived through.  I also want to talk about my new favorite song that we're singing at church and I don't even know the name, and yes my husband wrote it, but it is all about Jesus is better than it all.  I need to sing that daily.  I want to tell you about my day back at the radio.  Maybe I'll write next week.


{With all my time at the field, I am getting lots of reading done during practices & in between innings.  Here's my latest read.}

Now my last kid is in bed and I'm gonna see how many episodes of Scandal I can get in before midnight.  Goodness gracious I found myself talking to Story like I was Olivia Pope today.  I maybe have too much Olivia Pope on the brain.