I like to read and when I get a great book I love to get lost in the story.  Aaron makes fun of me a lot because I don't read a lot of books that are good for my mind.  I mean they aren't bad, but they just don't do anything to challenge me spiritually or intellectually.  I love a story.  I love characters.  I love books about life.  My favorite books are memoirs.  There's just something beautiful about hearing someones story in their own words.  It's moving.

Anyhow, something happened in the last few weeks and I somehow find myself with too many books to read.  Not books that I would like to read someday, but books that I HAVE to read.


Here's my stack of books that are waiting on me each day!


Seven books staring me down!  First is for my book club that I love being in.  The thought of reading a book and then getting together with women, snacks and wine to talk about it makes me so excited!  I've always wanted to be in a book club and thanks to my friend Meghan I'm in one now!  We're reading CUTTING FOR STONE by Abraham Verghese.

Next in line is a book that both Aaron and I have been wanting to read forever and now that my moms group is reading it I have to read it!  It's called WHEN HELPING HURTS and I can't wait to dive into this book.


My new friend Jennie Allen has a book coming out in April and she sent me one to read ahead of time.  There is something really cook about getting something before everyone else gets it and I must say I'm really enjoying this book.  It's called ANYTHING and it's about just that.  Telling God you'll do anything and really meaning it.  Once April comes around and the books out I can already say (half way through the book) that I highly recommend.

The next two are books that I'm required to read over the holiday's for the Women's Development class that I'm in at church.  The first one is A HUNGER FOR GOD and this will be my first John Piper book to read.  Next is A PRAYING LIFE and even though I've read this I look forward to reading again, because it's just that good.  Any of you looking to improve your prayer life (I mean who isn't!) then this is a great book that I would highly recommend!

SALVATION BELONGS TO THE LORD is the theology book that I'm reading with my Women's Development class.  Oh my is this hard for me.  Although I'm learning lots, I'll be honest and tell you that it is a chore for me to read this.  Big words.  Big ideas.  Big phrases.  It takes me a while to let things soak in after I read them.  I'm about half way through and by the end of next semester I'll have it finished.

The last book on my list is a book that one of my blog readers sent me.  I'm supposed to read and review and just might have one to give away.  We'll see if they let me do that!  This book is called A CORD OF THREE STRANDS and is an adoption story.  Should be an easy read and one that I can relate to!


So, I need to get off my butt and start reading.  For real I find I can read so much when out of town or on vacation, or on the stair master, but in real life I'm struggling with finding time to read a lot each day.  Maybe I should quit watching Sister Wives and begin reading!

Jamie Ivey