The countdown has begun.  We are under a week of count down now.  In 6 days we'll be landing in Haiti and in 7 days I'll be holding my sweet children in my arms and introducing them to their daddy for the first time.  Can you even begin to imagine meeting your child for the first time ever?

Here's who I'm looking forward to seeing …..

We have raised $350 from the paypal donations.  Awesome!  We'll take that money and buy food for people in Haiti.  We hope to truly bless some people with food while we are there.  We have also collected lots of supplies for the clinic where the Livesay's are and for them personally.  We're bringing them some good cofffee and cashews and candy and fun stuff that they can't get at their local Wal-Mart.  🙂  We'll get to meet Dr. Jen and Tess when we are there too.

We fly in on May 1st and the next day head out to where Licia is to see our kids.  Lori won't be there b/c she'll be in the states with her hubby.  Hopefully we can do some stuff around there with the kids in the Rescue Center.

It's almost May 1st!!!  Between now and then Aaron will fly to Austin and back, we'll have an open house, I'll pack suitcases for Aaron and I to go to Haiti and for the boys to go to TX and stay with grandparents, I'll hopefully make it to Tina's bible study, and have lunch with the Shingleton's on Sunday while the house is showing.  I'll also try to mow the lawn once before we leave and clean the house so that while we're gone it can show and hopefully sell!  6 more days!