Contest is over (Congrats DEB), BUT you can still be in the running for $25 gift card if you purchase something between now and the 19th.  Here's the info:

You could win another $25

As an added bonus, anyone that makes an order between now and September 19th will be entered in a drawing to win a $25 gift card!  So, you could win $75 total if you order something and win this contest.   Your order will go towards Brad & Noelle Otts adoption.  She's hosting a NOONDAY show on the 20th, and your purchase will help them bring home their daughter from Ethiopia!  You can host a show as well and help your family or another family bring home their child.  You must ORDER HERE for this to count.




krista-blog-buttonNoonday's fall line is out and you are going to LOVE all that they have this Fall!  I have $50 to give one lucky person and I can't wait to see what you order from their new line.

Noonday Collection only partners with companies and ministries who assure that their artisans are growing, learning, and benefiting from their craft. All of their suppliers use fair trade principles. Basic fair trade principles state that artisans receive a fair, living wage, a good working condition, and a reasonable path out of poverty.  They want to go beyond fair trade. In many instances, the artisans are part owners in the companies!

I wear their jewelry all the time and get so many compliments on each piece that I own.  The necklace that I've worn all summer might be my favorite accessory of all time!  It was made with love in Ecuador.

I wore it in Haiti ….


I wore it in London ….


Here's my new necklace from their new line.  I seriously might wear this everyday this Fall.  What doesn't go with a long gold necklace?  Nothing friends.  Nothing.  This necklace was made with love in India. NOONDAYnewnecklace

So, here's some more stuff from their new Fall line that I would use my $50 to buy stuff from.  This necklace was made in India.


Or this, which I have in brown and wear a lot!  My first ever square bracelet!  The cool thing about this bracelet is that it is made in Haiti and I have actually been to where it is made and seen the women that make these bracelets.  Love getting an insider look into all this great jewelry!


These earrings look so fun, and my favorite part about them is that they are designed by my friend Jana Cofield here in Austin, named after her daughter Annie, and made with lots of love in India!  Krista had them on the other day when she brought my necklace over and they stand out so much!  They will look great this Fall with anything you wear!


I love funky necklaces, but am always scared of them.  Here's what I would buy if I was looking for a great new Fall necklace this year!  This necklace was made with lots of love in Uganda.


I'm the worst about buying new bags.  I will carry a raggedy bag around forever and look awful doing it!  If you are looking for a new bag, here's a great one to check out!  This bag was made with lots of love in Vietnam.


Do you love scarves?  I love them, but don't know what to do with them always.  I feel like when I put a scarf on it screams “Hi I'm Jamie with a scarf and I don't know what to do with this thing around my  neck!”.  Anyhow, if you love scarves you will love this infinity scarf that was made in Guatemala.


There are tons of great items in their new line, and also some of the older stuff is on sale as well, and I do love a good sale!  Entering this contest is super easy!  Just follow the directions below and get all your entries in for your chance at getting $50 to spend on whatever you want!

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