It's midnight and I just walked in from Kinko's. Yeap, I've been on my feet making copies there for the past TWO hours. I had to make FIVE copies of EVERY single piece of paper I'm sending to Haiti. I'm going to need a box to send this to them in! You send your original papers, plus four copies of everything and then keep a copy for yourself just in case something happens.

Doing this adoption on our own is saving us money, but LOTS more work on my part. This is why we decided to adopt two chldren at the same time, instead of one now and one later. Tonight as I was making copies and thinking of all the hard work I've put into these papers I was thinking how it was so worth it for my kids. I would do this 10 times over for Amos and Story. They are so worth it!

So ….
1,050 pieces of paper later … $93.07 later … I am DONE with dossier stuff! Now I just need to find a box big enough to mail this to Barbara in NY.

My papers are almost in Haiti!!! I'm almost in Haiti!!!