Cayden asked me to help him with his bible reading the other day.  We are honestly not the best about this with our kids, but Cayden is getting at the age where he can read for himself and he's our go-getter-reader type of kid so this stuff is cool to him.  I love to see him love to read and when he loves to read his bible I especially love it!

I got out the junior detective notebook that the kids got this summer in KidStuff and we started.  He read Exodus 2:5-10 all by himself with Aaron.  I was so impressed.

Then we sat down to do our REAP and Aaron was explaining to him what to do.
R- what did you read

E- examine what you read

A – apply what you read

P – pray

He wrote down the verses and what they said … “Pharaohs daughter found a dady she called him moses.  he obey god.”

Then we asked him to examine and apply the verses to his life.  Aaron asked him what did you learn from this that could apply to your own life.

Cayden stopped and pondered.

Pondered some more.

Looked at his hands while thinking.

Then said with confidence, “God is telling me that I shouldn't steal a baby”

Oh gracious it took all Aaron and I had not to bust out laughing at his words.  I know that would have surely scarred him for life had we done that.

We assured him that he could learn that from the text but then we lead him to the conclusion of “I learned to odey god”

Gotta love that kid!