Well, we made it two days with the no thumb at bedtime rule.  I was so proud of him for taking the initiative with his thumb sucking.  He decided he would stop and he decided to not sleep with his monkey.  He was acting so big and so proud to be four.

Tonight after getting in jammies, praying and reading a few books I went to turn the light off and Cayden looked at me with a smurk in his eye.  He grinned and grabbed for his monkey.  He looked at me and said I want to suck my thumb tonight.  I reminded him of his pledge to stop after four and he giggled.  He told me he still wanted to suck his thumb.  I smiled really big and told him that it was okay if he wanted to.

He rolled over with the biggest smile on his face, rubbed his monkey's ear and placed his thumb in his mouth.   So cute!

On other kids news today  ….

Deacon climbed out of his bed again this morning.  It is always so surprising to me because I assumed I would hear him fall, but I never do. He is so good at it.  He has a system for sure.  I put him back in his bed and told him to show me how he gets out of his bed.  He was so funny as he showed me.  I tried not to laugh, but he was so cute doing this.  He is so flexible and so daring.  Cayden would have never done this.

We moved Cayden to his big boy bed (toddler bed) at two because we had a new baby that needed a crib.  I am NOT ready for Deacon to go to the toddler bed.  He'll be all over the place!!!


Jamie Ivey