As I walked Cayden to school today it hit me that this is our life. We will send our kids off to school for 6-7 hours a day for the next 17 years. Oh my word that is a long time! In two years we'll be sending two more kids to kindergarten and then two years will go by and we'll start the last one.

The truth is that school has gone great these last two days. Cayden has seemed to love every minute of it. I ask him 1 million questions every day when I pick him up and get about 3 of them answered. 🙂 He doesn't seem to mind that only him and one other kid bring their lunch, but he does seem to mind that his momma picks him up from school. His biggest request these days is to ride the bus. I'm just not ready for that, and I don't see the need when we live less than one mile from the school.

His teacher seems very sweet and I appreciate her replying to my email the other day because I know she must be super busy. They talked about germs yesterday and Cayden told us the way to get germs off your hand if you sneeze in your hand. You rub them together really fast b/c germs don't like heat. Um, I didn't know that one. 🙂 He was slightly disappointed about not knowing how to read after his first day of school. I told him to give his teacher a few weeks and then I'm sure he would start leaning how to read!


(sorry i can't flip it, but here's him with his teacher after the 1st day!)

He has already had music and art and I believe he has PE today. They are on a three day rotation with those electives. I'm hoping that he develops a love for all three of those electives and will become a very well rounded boy!

I am missing him during the day. I didn't realize how much I would until he's not here all day long. Deacon is really missing him throughout the day. Usually around 9AM each day he starts asking how many more minutes until Cayden comes home. Although it is super cute, it gets old about 3 hours into it!

Aaron and I were talking about how sad it is that he has to be at school and away from us for so long. Isn't there a way he can go to school from 9-1. Wouldn't that be fabulous. It hit us hard that he has now entered the stage in life where other people are influencers in his life. Up until now we have been able to select who has influenced his life. Now he's surrounded by others that have that opportunity for 7 hours a day. It's a scary thought. We know that we have him right where he's supposed to be for this time, but it's still hard.

I love him being in school. But I miss my baby.