Well, 7 days into my hopes of blogging every day for the month of May and I missed my first day. I actually made it longer than I thought, but oh well. Here's to the rest of the month!

On Monday, I turned 35.  I am no longer in my early 30's, but I am well on my way to late 30's.  Oh well.  A few months ago I dreaded turning 35, but now that it's here I no longer feel dread from it.  I feel the same way I did on Sunday, so it's not that big of a deal.

We had a great night celebrating my birthday and I love when friends are together, and so my night was just perfect.  We went to the Liberty Bar and devoured the food from East Side King.  Which by the way if you are coming to Austin to visit please find an East Side King trailer and experience the goodness that comes from those trailers.  It is good y'all.  As in, some of the best food in Austin good.  I would not steer you wrong!




Jamie Ivey