{This picture pretty much has nothing to do with this post except that we just took it last night, I love it, and I love my man and so here you go!}


This is an exciting Friday around the Ivey house!  You see, a few weeks ago my man called and told me to plan nothing from noon on Friday (this Friday) until 7pm on Saturday.  Yes my friends he said block off 32 hours and he wouldn't tell me why!  I then found out that a few of my other friends got this same message from their husbands.  Block off the time and don't worry about a thing.  And by don't' worry about a thing, they really meant don't worry about the kids!  And if you are a mom, you know how much those words don't worry about a thing, mean to us moms.  It means the world.  It means that you are gonna go and not think about a thing.  Aaron and I were out of town for a night this week and getting the kids ready for us to be gone for one night was an all day event.  It's not easy to leave your kids.  I'm not talking emotional here, I'm talking plain logistics.  It takes an army to take care of my four kids while I'm gone.  NOT this time.  Aaron is the commander in charge and he is the man!  Love this!


So … today the band wives will meet here at my house and noon and we will begin our 32 hours away.  I have no clue where we are going.  I have no clue what we are doing.  I have no clue about much.  BUT I do know one thing.  We will eat well.  You know how I know this?  My man has been cooking all week and freezing meals for us.  Yes he made homemade tomato basil soup, beef fajitas, and even a quiche for us!  Yes not only are our men sending us away, but they are sending amazing food with us!


Now I'm off to pack my suitcase full of comfy clothes, my book I'm reading and …. well that's about it!