31 BIG finalEver wish that you could go back and tell your former self that everything's just gonna be okay.  In the moments that you are losing your mind, if your future person could gently pull you aside and whisper in your ear “hold tight sweetie, you're going to be okay”.

Since we all know that this isn't possible one bit, I thought it would be fun to write letters to my former self with advice for the situation I was in back in time.  Kinda Back-to-the-Future-esque if you will.

I've decided to join THE NESTER and her 31 days in October challenge that she has.  Apparently this is the fifth year and last year she had 1200 people participating.

Surely I can come up with 31 different times in my life that I wish my future self could have intervened and given me advice and love.  My only hesitation is that my memory is so bad and I hardly remember much of what has happened to me in my life, that this might actually be really hard.

Here's the page where I'll post all the letters so you can find them easily.  I'll put the links up the day the post goes live.  The easiest way to get them all is to go that little square up at the top right hand corner and enter your email to subscribe to the blog and that way you won't miss one single letter to 1994 Jamie, or 1985 Jamie, or even 2012 Jamie.

31 day challenge Intro

1.  Dear Jamie, Stop being fake.

2.  Dear Jamie, That beauty school perm rocks!

3.  Dear Jamie, Keep loving Amos and take it one day at a time.

4.  Dear Jamie, You didn't need that job anyways.

5.  Dear Jamie, Go love your brother.

6.  Dear Jamie, Cherish your babies.

7.  Dear Jamie, Go read your books.

8.  Dear Jamie, go get a job that matters.

9.  Dear Jamie, you will love him.

10.  Dear Jamie, let the salad go.

11.  Dear Jamie, good compromise with your man.

12.  Dear Jamie, Keep the hair.

13.  Dear Jamie, I'm proud of you.

14.  Dear Jamie, don't take your boyfriend to California.

15.  Dear Jamie, sex doesn't equal love.

16.  Dear Jamie, you might have found a keeper.

17.  Dear Jamie, you didn't need the free clothes.

18.  Dear Jamie, your faith will increase from this trial.

19.  Dear Jamie, there is hope from this pit

20. Dear Jamie, Stop hanging out with someone else's boyfriend

21. Dear Jamie, Boys are never worth it

22. Dear Jamie, Words are better than gifts

23. Dear Jamie, I'm proud of your 31 day challenge.


31 BIG final