Last week I literally spent the day at the salon and it was pure bliss.  I left and instructed Aaron to not call me unless there was a HUGE emergency.

I started with a one hour massage that was oh so lovely.  Then I spent some time shopping in the boutique (I had a $50 gift card), and then I was whisked off to get my new style.  It was so fun.  I am not a hair person.  I am not someone that stresses over their hair.  Most days I don't even remember to brush it.  I always tell stylist to do what they want b/c I know it will grow back and I'm not attached to whatever it did look like.

Here was the start before I left:


Do you see the nastiness that I was dealing with!  It was long and stringy and I never fixed it.  Most days you would find it looking like this:


Of course I forgot to take a picture of the new style after she cut it, but I snapped a pic on my phone yesterday while getting ready and this is what we're dealing with now:


She put some color on it, but I instructed her to do nothing that would require me to be back anytime before a year.  I am not good at keeping up with highlights and color.  I do not have time!

So, we've been here two years and I've had two hair cuts.  I guess I'll be getting my next one in a year!  That's how I roll.