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Happy Hour #29 is with a friend that I  met at the Influence Conference in 2014, and knew that I wanted to have her on the Happy Hour to chat with all of us! Sarah Martin is the author of Just Rise Up. Sarah is originally from Texas, but lives in North Carolina with her husband and son now.  You can find her blogging over at her website LiveItOut!


We talk about all things important like shampoo lathering, being a Texan, where we fold our laundry, our happiest times of the day, & the AMA awards.

We did get serious and chatted about talking to our kids about topics that are hard for us and for them. I believe that your kids are hearing about things that you think they aren't, and so we need to be proactive in letting them hear things from us and not just from their friends around us.

We also chatted about how we love our husbands well. For me, I need to encourage Aaron when he writes songs, even though I don't have a clue what that process looked like for him.


Sarah's newest book, Just Rise Up: A Call to Make Jesus Famous, released this past Fall and you can get it HERE (kindle) or HERE (print).

Sarah's graciously giving giving away THREE copies to you guys! In a week I'll pick three winners and you'll each get a new book! All you need to do is leave a comment! It's super easy to win! (Contest over Monday, 2/16, at midnight CST)

**We recorded this in November, so forgive the references to Santa, Elf on the Shelf, & the AMA's!**

Listen to this episode here!

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