Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Aaron is turning 29 today and he is in Peru and last I heard from Bush he was not feeling too well. I spent all night praying for him and thinking of him and wishing I was there to lay in bed with hiim while he is sick. It's no fun to be sick and away from your best friend.

Anyhow today is his big birthday and I wanted to list 29 reasons why I'm still madly and passionately in love with this man:
#1 – I was the first girl he ever kissed
#2 – I still become sillly when I'm around him
#3 – He is always wanting to take me out on dates
#4 – He loves our kids with all he has
#5 – He watches girly movies with me
#6 – He is an amazing cook
#7 – He has a creative mind that is always bursting with ideas
#8 – He doesn't want to sit down and watch life go by
#9 – His kisses.
#10 – His touch.
#11 – They way he looks at me from across the room when we have guests over
#12 – He likes to cook for people
#13 – He makes me want to be a better person
#14 – He gives me good books to read
#15 – He loves me like no one ever has an no one ever will on this earth
#16 – He is passionate about life and people
#17 – When he wants to, he can be a great listener
#18 – He doesn't let me talk bad about myself
#19 – He eats healthy and when he's in town I do too!
#20 – He wants to be more like Jesus in every way possible
#21 – He can make me laugh more than anyone else
#22 – He makes me feel safe.
#23 – I know he'll never leave me.
#24 – He often brings me flowers when he grocery shops
#25 – He rarely complains about my magazine subscriptions
#26 – He rubs my head every night before we go to bed
#27 – I find notes from him after he goes out of town
#28 – He encourages me & is grateful for how I contribute to our family
#29 – I still get excited when he comes home from “work”

I love this man like no other and he loves me too. I love you, Aaron. I hope you feel better and can't wait to see you!