My guest for The Happy Hour # 284 is Cheryl Luke. Cheryl is a teacher and aspiring writer with over 35 years in ministry. Cheryl is committed to help people live with intention, embrace the story of your life, and connect with God, others, and your circumstances in a healthy manner.

**A note: early in our conversation, Cheryl speaks about the abuse she endured from her ex-husband. I recognize this topic could be a trigger for some of you, so please note that around minutes 10-11 she describes what happened that caused her to leave, and feel free to skip the first part of the show.

Today Cheryl and I talk about the changes that can happen when we identify and confess the issues we uniquely face each day. Whether it’s an addiction, being a fixer, needing control, lying, or any other challenge that takes you away from the truth of what God says, healing and freedom is possible. Through her work with Celebrate Recovery and using the Relate model, Cheryl shares the ways she has experienced healing in her own life, and how she’s witnessed it in others as well. Cheryl and I also chat about times of transition and leaving a legacy, and she even turns the tables and starts interviewing me!

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Jamie Ivey