My guest for The Happy Hour # 283 is Esther Fleece Allen. Esther loves to connect people to practical, faith-centered tools for living through every season, good and bad. She’s the author of two books (Your New Name and No More Faking Fine), a graduate of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and is currently in seminary. When she's not traveling to speak or teach, she enjoys making a home with her husband and children.

On the show today, Esther and I talk about releasing labels we attach to ourselves that aren’t rooted in our God-given identity. Esther explains how these false labels from our circumstances, the past, shame, or even labels others have given us can make us miss the truth of our identity. Esther shares her own experience fighting to stay in the faith and live in the name God has given her as she endured abuse, broken family relationships, and years of stalking from her father. I loved Esther’s message to embrace all seasons of life, including times of lament as well as celebration, and through all of it, we can take it to the Lord.

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Jamie Ivey