My guest for The Happy Hour # 280 is Raechel Myers. Raechel is founder and CEO of She Reads Truth – an organization that, for more than 7 years, has been helping women (and men, and kids!) to be in the Word of God every day. Raechel lives outside of Nashville with her husband and two kids, and just loves the beauty, goodness, and truth of God and His world.

My friend Raechel is a woman who loves the Word of God, and we start off the show talking about the different barriers we may see to being in the word every day and even about starting or joining a Bible study! Raechel shares with us about one of her proudest accomplishments at He Reads Truth, and the difficult road she and co-founder Amanda Bible Williams walked this past year as Amanda's son Toby was critically ill throughout 2019. Raechel shares openly how she and Amanda navigated tragedy, friendship, business, and the need for rest by walking humbly in truth and love. In the last part of the show, Raechel reminds us how so important it is to listen for the truth in a world filled with so many sound bites and messages that are almost true. You guys, I told you that Raechel is a woman who loves God's word, and I hope you're inspired to try out a plan and dig into the word every day!

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