My guest for The Happy Hour # 279 is Natalie Green. Natalie is a connector of people and lover of Jesus.  She is the Director of Strategic Partnership & Development for Africa New Life. Rwanda is her second home as she has taken more than thirty trips to the land of a thousand hills, leading hundreds of donors and sponsors on visits to Rwanda alongside her Rwandan colleagues. Natalie is also a Senior Director of Beautycounter. Her greatest adventure, without a doubt, has been her journey to motherhood.

On the show today, Natalie and I talk about Africa New Life: the incredible story of how it was founded, the work they're doing, and the trip to Rwanda I'm about to take with Natalie to see it all in person! I loved hearing Natalie speak about Rwanda and her heart and passion for the country and the people. Natalie shares about the need for funding to provide food for the children and how you can help (be sure to check out the links from the show!). I also got to talk with Natalie about her journey to motherhood. Natalie honestly shares about life as a single momma and each of the beautiful stories of how she became mom to her three boys.

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