My guest for The Happy Hour # 278 is Beth Moore. Beth is an author, speaker, and dynamic teacher whose conferences take her across the globe. She has written numerous bestselling books and Bible studies, and she is also the founder and visionary of Living Proof Ministries based in Houston, TX.

Friends, I can not think of a better way to start off 2020 than by having my friend Beth Moore on the show! Beth talks about how she looks at the new year as an opportunity to look at life in a fresh way, and to spend time reflecting with God sharing hopes for the coming year. Beth and I then talk about how she so intentionally speaks into the next generation and her passion to prepare others. You'll get to hear more about Beth's upcoming book, Chasing Vines, and that we are meant to be fruitful including when the fruit may come through suffering. One of my favorite parts of our conversation was Beth's reminder that the absolute number one thing we can pray for someone is that they love Jesus – it changes everything! In the last part of the show, Beth shares her heart and passion behind the issues she has raised concerns about, and why she believes it's so important that we talk about what it means to be Christ-like and not simply Pro-Christian.

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