My guest for The Happy Hour # 274 is Elisabeth Jordan. Elisabeth grew up in Dallas, TX where she now works on the streets with the homeless. It was never a future she imagined for herself, having grown up in an affluent community on the other side of town from the homeless. Starting as a volunteer, she observed a gap in the homeless care system and founded an organization called The Human Impact to bridge that gap: loving the homeless through friendship.

You guys, one of the best parts of my job is that I get to listen in on how God is moving in women's lives, and I can't wait for you to hear the incredible ways God is working in Elisabeth's life. Elisabeth shares how she went from working at her dream job in entertainment, to unemployed and at a point where she felt her marriage was dead. Feeling aimless and lost, Elisabeth prayed a prayer of surrender, and God answered. Elisabeth explains that God called her to pray for the poorest in Dallas, and those prayers took her to the homeless. I loved hearing how the relationships she made changed her faith “from head knowledge to experience”, as well as challenged her view on how she defined success. Friends, Elisabeth reminds us that relationships matter and that when we recognize the humanity in someone and take time to hear their story, walls break down and doors can open up.

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