My guest for The Happy Hour # 273 is Susie Davis. Susie is an author, speaker, podcaster, and in all things she is an encourager and mentor. Susie has a passion for writing and her hope is to encourage you to love God more and live your one beautiful life. Susie is often called a spiritual mama because of her God-given desire to reach out to the ‘dear daughters‘ around her. Susie and her husband and high school sweetheart Will have been married and in ministry for over thirty years.

Friends, I am so thankful to have Susie back on The Happy Hour! Susie has a gift for making you feel seen, celebrated, and encouraged and I know you will hear that throughout our conversation today. Susie and I talk about how our roles change over time, the losses we may feel in these transitions, and the importance of healing so that we can embrace our next role. I hope you will be inspired to find a mentor and be a mentor as you hear Susie demystify what mentoring looks like. It's not about a special curriculum or meeting spot, but instead it's about being present and “asking questions and listening for God.”  I could sit and talk with Susie all day and I know you'll feel like you just had a virtual hug from this spiritual mama after listening to the show!

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