My guest for The Happy Hour # 271 is Laurie Crouch. Laurie is the host of TBN’s Better Together and leads Trinity Broadcasting Network alongside her husband, Matt. She is the mother of two sons and patiently waiting for her next title of Grandmother.

You guys, during my conversaton with Laurie today, I felt like I was watching a movie as Laurie described different milestones in her life and the ways only God could orchestrate it. Laurie and I start off talking about how she and Matt met and got married, and I'm telling you now, it's incredible – I was pretty much on the edge of my seat while listening. Laurie shares how she and Matt began working at TBN after they were married, created their own production company, and then returned to TBN to carry on the legacy and start the next chapter of the network. You'll also hear how Laurie's show Better Together came to be, and friends, once again, the story is just amazing. I loved talking with Laurie today and be sure to check out Better Together – you will be inspired and encouraged by these women's conversations!

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