My guest for The Happy Hour # 267 is Mercedes Cotchery. Mercedes is wife to Jerricho, momma to 5, home stylist and furniture shop owner, and loves sharing about adoption, homeschooling, and marriage. Mercedes is passionate about encouraging women to discover and celebrate the gifts God's given them and families growing phenomenally in Christ.

Mercedes and I start off the show talking about rejecting the pressure to achieve perfection and becoming comfortable recognizing we are flawed people pursuing God. Mercedes shares with us how she was born without a uterus, and how she's come to view her being born barren as God saving her. In seeking to grow her family, she paused and thought, “maybe God made me this way for a purpose.” Mercedes says that pause changed her life in how she seeks God and her relationship with Him – and she now has 5 kids through adoption! Mercedes also opens up about her faith journey and how God revealed to her that she must make a paradigm shift from idolizing her husband above all else to putting Jesus above all else. I loved so many things about my conversation with Mercedes and I hope you're as encouraged as I was!

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