My guest for The Happy Hour # 265 is Latasha Morrison. Latasha is a bridge-builder, reconciler, and a compelling voice in the fight for racial justice. She is the founder of Be the Bridge, a non-profit organization equipping people to serve as ambassadors of racial reconciliation. Latasha has been recognized as a leading social justice advocate by organizations such as Facebook’s Community Leadership Program, Forbes, and EBONY magazine.

You guys, Latasha is my real life friend and she challenges, encourages, and inspires me. Our topics of conversation today are ones that are important to me and should matter to us all. As Latasha says, “if we are followers of Jesus Christ, then we have skin in the game.” Latasha and I start off the show talking about how she started Be the Bridge with just 8 people and her Latasha vision. She talks about the need to create “brave spaces” for conversation and how humility, listening, and leveraging privilege are critical.  We also discuss how racial reconciliation is about having a Kingdom perspective on dignity and humanity. I loved how Latasha said, “we all have to be teachable”, and that means opening our hearts, learning the historical context, and taking this on as all of our responsibility. In the last part of the show, Latasha and I discuss feeling marginalized as a single in church. She speaks of the need to create “brave spaces” in churches as well to have real, non-traditional conversations about singleness.  Friends, I could talk with Latasha for hours, and I hope you'll check out the links from the show to learn more about how to continue this conversation.

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Jamie Ivey