My guest for The Happy Hour # 257 is Becca Matimba. Becca is a visual storyteller and captures and creates honest, compelling narrative through her work in production, photography and acting. Becca describes herself as a lover of film, people, and culture and currently resides in Austin.

You guys, I loved having my friend Becca on the show today! Becca and I talk about what it was like to grow up in Texas as a first generation daughter to parents from Zimbabwe. Becca then shares about the years of pain and sadness she experienced after her parents divorced when she was 13. Becca tells us how she didn't realize that depression was even part of her story, nor that she had so much unforgiveness inside. I loved hearing her speak of how the Lord showed how much He saw her and loves her as she navigated finding healing and the ability to forgive. In the last part of the show, Becca opens up about her experience being black in predominately white churches and culture. I appreciate so much Becca's willingness to honestly share her journey and the encouragement she brings when she reminds us that we all are first a child of God.

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