My guest for The Happy Hour # 255 is Lauren Eberspacher. Lauren is a wife to her farmer husband Eric and mom to her three farm babies. They live in Milford, Nebraska where they own and operate a fifth generation grain farm. When Lauren isn't busy doing all things farming, she is a blogger and speaker, and author of her first devotional, Midnight Lullabies – Moments of Peace for Moms.

Lauren and I start off the show chatting about how she went from city girl to farm wife, where she says her life “is kind of like a country song”. Lauren opens up about post partum depression that she experienced with her third child, and that the lack of desire to dwell with the Lord was one of the biggest red flags that something wasn't right. We also talk about the importance in investing in friendships built on truth and trust. Lauren and I then discuss fighting for contentment in all circumstances, including fear, suffering, and when things aren't going our way. In the last part of the show, we get a little spicy and talk about sex and finding redemption in the bedroom. Nothing we discuss is inappropriate, but this is an episode you may want to save and listen to when little ears aren't around.

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Jamie Ivey